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Site snoozing while our web surgeons prepare for a major face lift...


When Etayla was born just a few years ago, our idea was to help people make money online, whatever their needs, interests or dreams. For some, a second income is useful, or an imperative to make ends meet. For others, quitting the day job and firing the boss is a burning ambition, fired by the desire to achieve personal independence and freedom. And for some, dreams of riches and the things that wealth can buy are the dominant driving force.

But when we started, the web was a different place. Our friends at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and so many others have changed the face of the internet in just a couple of years. For the better. Content is everything.  

Already we've created a number of sites under the Etayla brand which are specific to the needs of the internet marketer. And we're updating those sites too to provide the best content we can in multiple formats so you can choose between video and the written word - or have both. We're working on providing our content to your mobile too...

But something else has happened as we've grown up - the realisation that without the right mindset, online riches can prove elusive. And so shortly we'll be launching two major blogs on the two inter-related themes which form our core focus:

  • The Ways in Which Anyone Can Make Money Online
  • Mindsets to Success in Business and in Life

It seems to us that these two are inseparable.  

In the meantime, whilst all seems serene and quiet on this page, we are like ducks on the river. All is placid above, but below the surface, there's a lot of work going on!